Engaging the Church and Community One Activity at a Time


This service group performs specific services for the reverent care of the chancel, the sacred vessels and vestments of the church. Membership is open to any communicant member.  Contact church office if interested in joining this group.



Volunteers are always needed for participating in the Mount Olive sponsored monthly dinner for those in need in downtown Shelton.  Contact church office if interested in joining the server team.

Join us the first Saturday of each month at 5:30 PM 218 N 3rd St.   



Food donations are collected for the Saints' Pantry food bank on the first Sunday of each month.

Collection for our Food Bank Mission for The Saints’ Pantry this month is scheduled for Sunday, July 5th and August 2nd.  The theme for both of these months will be Items for Backpacking.  Food packaged in single servings, such as Top Ramen, cans of soup, meat, chili, tuna, granola bars, crackers, oatmeal, fruit cups, fruit juice mac and cheese, popcorn, peanuts & M&M’s etc. However no food items will be turned away as the need is very critical.

Seeking volunteers to help with upkeep of the church grounds and buildings.  If interested, contact church office.

Help required with mowingJulee and Dan  Kolman tend to the lawn, gardening and maintenance of our church grounds. This is a big undertaking and they are requesting someone  to take over the mowing. For details please contact either Julee or Dan Kohlman (360-426-6363). Julee and Dan’s efforts are certainly appreciated and because of them we get to enjoy beautiful flower beds, mowed lawns, a clean parking lot and a welcoming entrance to our church.



Serving for one month, every 3 months, being available for one half hour prior to service and 15-20 minutes after service.  In general, other tasks are:  preparing sanctuary, assist seating for attendees, passing out bulletins, lighting candles, collecting offerings, assist with communion, maintain attendance records, trash pickup, provide record of service to Pastor Baker, and assistance with unscheduled activities.  If interested, please contact church office.

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