Pastor's Page 

July/August 2021


Hello Friends and Family of Mount Olive!


First, a huge Thank you for all the love, prayers, cards, support and encouragement from you this past month. I really appreciate it and am grateful for you all.


On that note, most of you would have seen an update from me via email regarding my health, and so I won’t elaborate here, however know that I continue to improve, and being back with you in worship has meant so much.


So, what now! I’ve lost some ground on my personal and professional “To Do” list, though many of you have stepped up and fulfilled the necessary Ministry Objectives. That is truly what it means to be “church” and a “Priesthood of all believers” This congregation is active and involved. What a blessing to this community.


Having said that, our work continues. Much of our upcoming activities were shared last month, but a fee new developments…


July 16th Is the annual Shelton Expo and Bites Street fair along Railroad Avenue. Mount Olive will again be out there with a booth presence to meet and greet our neighbors. We won’t have Jamboree this year, but we have many other opportunities to showcase and invite our public to our campus. Expo runs from 11:30 to 6:30. Come out and see all your Shelton businesses and stop by and visit with us. Volunteers to come and man the booth always welcome.


July 31st we will begin restorative work in our Fellowship Hall, Kitchen and Daycare rooms. This will be the first time we have suspended the Daycare Operations for such an extensive Maintenance effort. We will be painting the walls and ceiling, Painting the Kitchen and freshening up the cabinets, and fully striping and waxing the floors throughout. Many other repairs around and inside the campus will be performed as well. Much of this is being supported by gifts given to the church for these purposes. Two weeks may seem like a lot of time, but as we are scheduling out the activities, we know that we may not be able to accomplish everything desired, but we are sure going to give it our best shot. The fellowship Hall and Kitchen is a vital support piece to our ministry here and it is vital that we have a usable and pleasing facility for us all. Keep an eye out for lists of projects and see what you may be able to help with. Any help is great. No help is too little. Let us know your desires and availability and we will be certain to have the items and tools necessary for you. We don’t have a specific contact person, so email/call me, or the office, and we’ll plug you in.


On that note, I told you the chairs were expected, well if you’ve not been in recently, they have arrived and they look great, they are comfortable, and they have reduced the echo that was bothersome after the new floors. I hope you will be pleased when you make your way back to in - person worship.


For our ministry teams, July is an opportunity to evaluate our ministry to the community, the goals met and unmet, and what resources we still have to accomplish them. Each year at this time it is good to have a mid - year assessment of our budgets and material resources to be sure we are using them wisely. Your input is always welcome. Feedback may be sent to myself, any Governance Board member, or any elder. All for the Glory of God and the purpose for which He established us here. Oysterfest is back on for 2021, and we will again be a part of it. October 2 and 3. Details to come, as the organizers still work to make all the planning decisions.


For the first time in a while, we will also be participating in the Forest Festival Parade in September.


As it appears that we will not be having an August Newsletter, please be on the look -out for updates via emails as we progress further and prepare for “Rally Day” which is our kick -off of a new year of education on our campus, and for other ministry updates as we move out more and more into our community. Our Covid protocols continue to change, and we continue to try to stay abreast and in accordance with them. Just know we continue to focus on the health and well being of ALL our brothers and sisters, so please be aware of your neighbor, and respect their boundaries.


Together, and only together in Christ, dedicated to His mission for us, will we be able to stand and thrive.


God Bless you and Keep you and His Peace rain and reign over you.

Pastor Baker