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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year How often do we hear and say the words yet truly take it to heart? I don’t mean to say that we are without the Joy of Christmas and the Hope of the New Year, but rather perhaps we fall a little short on the true depth of Spirituality that God offers us through the Gift of Christmas and transformative Power of His Spirit for us in the New Year.


Christmas Day has now passed. 358 days remain until the next, or at least at the time of publishing this. You’ll have to do your own math on the day you read this. December 25th marks a celebration of an event; The Nativity of Christ. This singular event is a multifaceted one – It is proof of God’s love for us and His faithfulness to His promise to us. It marks the establishment of His Kingdom on Earth. It shows how far He will go for the sake of His people. It is the provision of a savior Who frees us from our sin, from death, and from the tyranny of the devil. It is the gift of our Lord and our Shepherd to teach us, to guide us, to provide for us and to lead us on our way with Him ever by our side. It is in Him that we have been “recreated” in His image, and granted fellowship with Him.

So, you can see that this “day” of Christmas is intended to provide for us and in us a “Spirit” of Christmas that is a life-time passion and existence. This is where all too often, our hopes for a better New Year go awry. We look for a better body, a better life, a better relationship, a better “fill-in-the-blank” and yet we go into the new year with all these hopes and dreams and our same-old-selves. We focus on our abilities, rely on our willpower, and we forget our human nature and the human nature of others.


The Apostle Paul has told us that he had found the secret of contentment in all circumstances. Isn’t that the essence of what we desire for ourselves and our families and perhaps even for our nation and the world? Contentment – Our world teaches to find contentment by changing our circumstances; Paul shows us that the secret is in changing our attitudes towards our circumstances. Trusting our happiness on the sinful nature of man and his world is folly. Trusting our happiness on the time-tested truthfulness of what God offers us, gives to us, and wants for us is wisdom.

You can doubt me. You can doubt Paul. You can even doubt God, but have you truly tried life as God desires for you? Try it! What have you got to lose? Learn what God wants for you and submit your will to His and see what transformation can occur. Yet to do so requires an act of faith and a commitment. Put aside for the moment what you think you know about God and God’s desires for your life and take time to find out truly what God says to you about himself and His will. Read and study His Word. Pray for guidance. Ask questions. Listen to your pastor. Discuss with your family, friends and most importantly, your brothers and sisters in Christ. Be in Church fellowship and receive the gifts bestowed weekly at every service. Let the Holy Spirit take you and guide you and follow Him along the path and into and beyond 2020 and all that the year will bring. God knows the path and all the obstacles and all the dangers and every difficulty and change in circumstance. Who better to guide you and lead you? But God cannot lead if we choose not to follow. Herein lies that secret of contentment. May God Bless you and yours this coming year and always unto eternity.



Pastor Baker

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