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April 2021

He is Risen!!! We celebrate the joy of Easter and immerse ourselves in the truth of the empty tomb, for our joy certainly came to us that morning. For us we sigh a sigh of relief and gladness that we have been given such a clear sign of the truth of God’s Promise of the resurrection and our place with Him in heaven. All of Christendom joins us in this.


Where we sometimes separate is in the knowledge of the birth, humanity, suffering and death of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is by His death that we are able to share in the joy of that Easter gift and promise.


This brings us to a simple observation: Fact is He could not have been raised up if He had not died. Had He not died, we would not be saved. Had we not been saved we would have no hope, and so there it is… What or rather where or even Who is the source of our hope? Too often we look to the world for our hope and our happiness, and yet the world throughout all of history has not been able to answer the problem of evil and evil acts carried out by man.  We must keep our eyes focused on the cross and the empty tomb more than just for our salvation but as our way of getting through each day. And yes, there will be troubles, yes, we will face difficulties, and yes, we will face death, our true joy comes in the morning. Happy Easter! He is Risen! And because He lives, we live also in Him. Alleluia!

Pastor Baker

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