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Meet Our Pastor


Pastor Bill Baker and his wife Vivien joined us at Mt. Olive in January 2019.  He is a “Second Career” pastor and a graduate of Concordia Seminary’s DELTO program. Before entering full-time ministry, Pastor Baker was a “Special Event” planner and operated businesses with his wife in San Diego, Palm Springs and Las Vegas. He first became a licensed Deacon, and later served his vicarage with the Pacific Southwest District, serving under Reverend Vogelsang of Community Lutheran Church in Escondido. In addition to his duties at Community, he helped establish a mission congregation in Alpine CA, Lift High the Cross Lutheran Church. He served as pastor at Mt. Olive in Poway Ca. from 2011 through 2018.

Pastor Baker has many diverse interests and talents.  He is able to play most woodwind instruments, his favorite is the base clarinet.  Put him on water and he loves fishing, not catching much, which is just as well because he doesn't eat fish.  Then there's food, top the list with Indian, pasta, and add Egg Nog anytime (lots of it).  Desserts and candy -  if you want to indulge him bring peanut M and M's, crispy creme donuts or a good piece of carrot cake.  He is an excellent chef and makes a delightful English Tea for the ladies.

He is a wonderful artist and has painted many murals.  He also enjoys the great theatre.

He loves traveling - anywhere.  Reading old books is a passion.  And last but not least, the sweet pets of his life are the 2 cats, Mo Mo and Muffin, especially when they dive on bed in the middle of the night.

He and his wife Vivien have fallen in love with the great northwest and are enjoying endless new adventures.


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